Pandai, a malay adjective when translated to English refers to: adjective 1. showing skill and quick at learning and understanding things.

The Art: Conversational UX

Conversational UX refers to the user experience that one has when interacting with an automated agent over chat interfaces. i.e. chatbots. Like a good human communicator, a good conversation UX is a combination of high quality substance (professional expertise), the choice of words, empathy with the audience, some doses of humor, and extensive A/B testing, amongst others. A good conversational UX design elicit Call-to-Action (CTA) that meets your business objectives.

The Science: Deep NLP

Deep NLP is the use of deep-learning algorithm for natural language processing, i.e. it attempts to learn multiple levels of representation, in this case, word representation, of increasing complexity or abstraction; and unlike traditional machine learning, it can do so without human intervention. Deep NLP works best when we could perform uniform parallel operations on dense vectors, which is at the core of what we do here. is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, which supports Deep Learning AI startups.

iPhone Mockup


iPhone Mockup


Our team is passionate about bringing you to the top.


Co-founder & CEO

Having established his career in well-recognised organisations such as Microsoft and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), MIT-educated Shin is a veteran in the fintech space. He had been awarded “Top 50 Business Innovators in China” by CBN Weekly for his many digital and marketing innovations while being the Head of digital marketing for SCB in China. is the second start-up he founded and is now thoroughly enjoying leading a team of finance and technology experts in the innovation front.

David LOW

Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

David is a data science expert and sought-after conference speaker who represented Singapore and clinched top rankings in Data Science Game '16 in France. A naturally talented data scientist, he competes on Kaggle in his free time, achieving a top 0.2% worldwide ranking. David is also enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge as an adjunct lecturer in National University of Singapore on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He holds a Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering.

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