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Here at, we develop AI solutions to help financial services firms transform the decade-old craft of digital sales and marketing, for the new world of conversational commerce. To do that, we focus on both the “art” and the “science”

The Art: Conversational UX

Conversational UX refers to the user experience that one has when interacting with an automated agent over chat interfaces. i.e. chatbots. Like a good human communicator, a good conversation UX is a combination of high quality substance (professional expertise), the choice of words, empathy with the audience, some doses of humor, and extensive A/B testing, amongst others. A good conversational UX design elicits Call-to-Action (CTA) that meets your business objectives.

The Science: Deep NLP

Deep NLP is the use of deep-learning algorithm for natural language processing, i.e. it attempts to learn multiple levels of representation, in this case, word representation, of increasing complexity or abstraction; and unlike traditional machine learning, it can do so without human intervention. Deep NLP works best when we could perform uniform parallel operations on dense vectors, which is at the core of what we do here. is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, which supports Deep Learning AI startups.


Unlike regular chatbots that work like a text-based IVR (Interactive Voice Response, think call-center), a chatbot engages in conversations with your customers in a more human-like manner through our proprietary technologies

Why is the only chat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) dedicated to helping every sales organization in financial services to, well, sell more. Once embedded into your chat interface, our proprietary deep-learning algorithm starts interacting with your customers automatically, and then translating these interactions into insights that allows the chatbot to tailor unique content for each individual customer. At the right time, engages with your customers, individually, to illicit the Call-to-Action that gives you not only high conversion, but also high customer satisfaction.



Co-founder & CEO

Shin spent over 15 years working at the interlace between finance and technology. Before starting, he co-founded a fintech startup that was funded by Innospace in Shanghai and selected to undergo an acceleration program by Fintech Fusion in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to that, he was the Head of Digital Banking with Standard Chartered Bank in China, where he took over a nascent business and grew its AUM 33X in less than 12 months. He was named “Top 50 Business Innovators in China” by CBN Weekly, for his many digital and marketing innovations, including inventing probably the world’s first lead-capturing ATM software.
Shin worked for multinational such as Microsoft, Citibank and Creative Technologies earlier in his career. He graduated with a First-Class Honors degree from the University of Bristol, and holds 2 Master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

David LOW

Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

A guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, David is a data science expert with over 7 years of hands-on experience. He recently represented Singapore at Data Science Game’16 in France, and came out top among all Asian and North American teams. Prior to co-founding, David worked as a Data Scientist with the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.
Earlier in his career, David was involved in research collaborations with Carnegie Mellon University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on separate projects funded by the National Research Foundation and SMART in Singapore. As a pastime activity, he competed on Kaggle and achieved Top 0.2% worldwide ranking. David is a graduate of NUS.

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